hey tveit fans!

so, as i’m sure most of you know, aaron’s 30th birthday is coming up in the next few days. to celebrate, i’m making a series of edits called “30 favorite pictures of aaron tveit on his 30th birthday”

but picking just 30 pictures of aaron is really hard, and i thought it would be more fun to have it be a collective 30 favorite pictures of aaron tveit. so i went ahead and uploaded my top 75 or so favorite pictures to this blog, and now i need your help!

it’s super-simple: just go through the blog (or its tag: 30tveit) and like or reblog the pictures to vote for your favorites! you can vote for as many or as few as you want, and the thirty with the most votes on october 20th will be the ones i edit!

also, if you’d like to reblog this post to spread the word, that would be helpful too—i’d love to see this be a reflection of a lot of aaron’s fans rather than just me and my friends!

-christina (cosettesfauchelevents)

go go go!